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Recognising the Women of British Short Track

New trophies introduced for short track distances with a nod to trail-blazing women of speed skating.

We are constantly working behind the scenes at British Ice Skating to improve equality, diversity and inclusion across our sports. Much of this work is complex and long-term, but sometimes we also come across simple steps we can take to address inequalities from the past and make an immediate impact. This is the case with our British Short Track Championships awards, which have historically not included trophies for the individual women's distances; we're rectifying this for the 2024 British Short Track Championships, with the introduction of three new trophies which recognise important figures in British Short Track skating.

Sarah Lindsay

Women's 500m - Sarah Lindsay Rose Bowl

Sarah Lindsay was the British Women’s Short Track Champion for nine consecutive years from 2000-2009, and represented GB at three Winter Olympics - 2002, 2006 and 2010. European Championship and World Cup medallist in the 500m. 

Elise Christie

Women's 1000m - Elise Christie Prestige Cup

Ten-time European gold medallist Elise Christie was also the first European woman to win overall gold at the World Championships, amongst many other career achievements including a 500m world record breaker and representing GB at three Winter Olympics.

Mandy Worth

Women's 1500m - Mandy Worth Cup

Olympic speed skater Mandy Worth has helped coach more than 20 British Champions in the years since her competitive retirement. An ongoing inspiration to many, she continues to support and mentor skaters from their very first steps all the way through to our high performance skaters. 

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate all past and present women speed skaters – particularly those who would have held these trophies on past years’ podiums.

To Sarah, Elise and Mandy - congratulations on every single one of your achievements (including those still to come!) and thank you for being such inspirational figures for the ice skating community.


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