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Skate for Gold, Skate for Fun, Skate for Life!

New & Improved:
Welcome to Skate UK 2.0!
We're excited to be introducing some big changes to Skate UK:

Our Skate UK App - providing you with the full content for our first three Skate UK levels for free, and much more!

Dispensation Pathways - recognising that progress doesn't need to look the same for everyone.

New coaching guidelines - helping coaches to deliver Skate UK inclusively, adapting styles and goals to suit different skaters' learning needs.


A simpler progress path - move through Skate UK levels with a clearer view of what you've achieved and what comes next!

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Designed for all ages, Skate UK incorporates the essential ABCs of an ice skater’s development: Agility, Balance and Coordination. Together with the different learning phases: Discovering, Developing and Consolidating, the programme is designed to keep you engaged, build your confidence, and challenge your athletic and technical development. 

Skate UK courses are taught at many ice rinks across the UK - find your closest rink to see if they offer it!

Please Note: We're in the process of rolling out these latest Skate UK changes -

some rinks may still be teaching our classic Skate UK programme.

RINK MANAGERS: Find out how you can start offering the new Skate UK programme at your venue!

Which Skate UK Level is right for you?
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Download the
Skate UK app today

Your one stop shop for learning to skate! Access your learning plans, coaching notes, training videos and more all in one place - simple! Plus get the first 3 Skate UK levels FREE!

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Got a Skate UK question not answered by this page? Get in touch!


Ready to glide?

1. Download our new (free!) Skate UK App and get immediate access to loads of useful content.

2. Search for ice rinks near you and find out if they offer Skate UK classes.

3. Sign up with your ice rink (class times, costs and group sizes will depend on your rink).

4. Get on the ice...and never look back!


Skating for all

Our updated Skate UK programme has been developed with Activity Alliance insight and guidance to make it inclusive and accessible. This is part of our broader aim of making ice skating an experience as many people can share as possible.


The sky's the limit

Your ice skating journey doesn't need to stop after Skate Stars. As a British Ice Skating member, numerous skating events and competitions will be open to you, as well as the chance to progress through our formal test structure to continue your development. If you've ever dreamed of performing in a gorgeous outfit in front of a crowd, that dream can come true - whatever age you start skating!

Visit the Skate UK store!

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