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The Skills test pathway is a fun and inclusive test structure that allows skaters to develop the fundamentals of ice skating. You can find the Skills handbook, as well as guides for each level, including coaching notes, learning objectives and diagrams on this page.

National Skills tests are the next phase of a skater’s journey after completion of the Skate UK programme. They are designed to be a development tool that facilitates progression through skating competencies as they increase in difficulty. The final Skills 8 test is the culmination of all the skills learned to that point. Skills 8 is performed to music and is seen as the culmination of the National Skills programme.

Whether a skater’s goal is to participate on the exciting competitive stage, to skate for recreation and the associated health benefits or to challenge yourself in the National Test Structure, the aim of these tests is to equip skaters with the essential skills to help realise their ambitions.

At the core of this programme are the five pillars of Skill Score Assessment:

  • “Pattern & Ice Coverage”

  • “Edge Quality & Foot Placement”

  • “Edge & Body Control”

  • “Power & Speed”

  • “Turn & Step Quality”

  • “Musicality” for Skills 8 only

The field move test structure was replaced on 1st January 2022. You can find out more information on how to process a test claim here.

Skills Notes for Coach and Judges (June 2022)

British Ice Skating Skills

Skills Documents

Skills Guidance Videos

To support your skills development, we've created guidance videos for each exercise in each Skill level. Watch each move performed up close on the ice as well as from the stands, with pointers and troubleshooting advice included:

Transition Table

Transition Table - Skills.PNG
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