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British Ice Skating Test Information

You can find all information you may need regarding British Ice Skating tests on this page. 

You can apply to take tests nationally, or you can claim test levels from certain competitive events - our Test Level Application & Claim Form should be completed in either case, and submitted though our membership platform, Sport:80. 

All national test applications submitted to us will be passed to a local test organiser, who will then contact the applicant directly. 

All terms and conditions relating to tests can be found here.

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National Tests

National Tests can be taken in single parts or both parts applied for at the same time, the skater completes one on ice programme where both components and technical will be assessed. These are individual test that require individual applications and can be passed independently of each other. When both test parts are passed and the skills of the same level is also a pass you will have achieved a “full national level". Below is some useful information to help you navigate the process.

Skate Star Booklet:

This must be received and verified before you can enter competitions or apply for national tests. Once it has been signed and completed by your coach you should email double page pictures of each completed page to  (this Includes Synchro & Speed skating).

Once we've checked your booklet and verified that you hold a current valid BIS membership you will receive an email confirmation to let you know the process is complete.


Submitting Your National Test Application:

When you've completed the Test Level Application & Claim Form, you need to upload it to Sport:80, our membership portal.

Find out how from our guidance video:

Key Documents

BIS Test Level Application & Claim Form

This form should be completed and submitted via Sport:80 to make your claim or to apply for a National Test.

Test Level Terms and Conditions 2023

Make sure you have read and understood our terms and conditions to ensure a successful claim.

For further information and guidance documents, please see our Technical Guidance page.

National Tests

Skills Tests:

These range from Level 1 - Level 8 and must be completed no matter which discipline you wish to participate in - Ice Dance / Free (Singles) Skating / Pairs / Synchro. These do not need to be completed L1- L8 then your discipline you can complete full levels of test at a time i.e skills, pattern dance & free dance or skills, national technical & national components before moving up to the next level.

Dance Tests:

Are available in free & pattern, solo or couples. (Please note, both partners in a couple must hold a current BIS membership.)


Pairs Tests:

Both skaters must hold a current membership.


The cost of entry for a test session can be seen below. You can submit a test claim on the British Ice Skating online platform.


Competitive Test Claims 

Competitive test claims can only be made for approved competitions; this list can be found below. Scores attained during these approved events (and only these events) can be used to claim a competitive test level. 

Required Scores:

Scores required for competitive claims are outlined in the documents we hold on our Technical Guidance page, please ensure that you have all required scores before submitting.


You are required to skate at the level you wish to claim and can only claim one level at a time.


You can claim the level you skate at and any lower levels if needed. You cannot skip levels, and each level must be claimed and paid for individually.

Competitions open for test claims


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