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Interested in being a Figure Skating Official?

Officials are valued members of British Ice Skating who dedicate their time, knowledge and expertise of the sport to support the development of our skaters. 


Whether at the grassroots or the elite level, officials provide their expertise in various capacities within the organisation, including officiating at test sessions, competitions and providing education to fellow judges, coaches and skaters alike.

There are several different types of officials, who fall into three main categories: Judges & Referees, Technical Panel Officials and Results Teams, and Technical Volunteers. Some are current or former skaters, some are parents of skaters, and others are people who simply love the sport and want to be involved. 

Whichever pathway you choose, training and support will be provided along the way.


General Guidance & Key Documents

If you are a current BIS official, you also have access to our Officials' Hub which includes the forms, documents and information you use most often. This page needs a password to be accessed - you will receive this shortly.

Roles & Pathways

Test Organiser

Test Organisers are given the authority to arrange Test Sessions for one or more local rinks.

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Judges, Technical Controllers & Referees

Responsible for the highest-level decisions at a skating event, these roles all require a significant amount of prior experience and strong technical skating knowledge.

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Results Officials 

Responsible for preparing the paperwork that communicates vital competition information for skaters, officials and the wider public, the Results Team also plays a crucial role in set up and operation of equipment at the event itself.

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Data Replay Operators 

An essential part of the Technical Panel, the Data & Replay Operators assist with the provision of an instantaneous slow-motion video replay system and in the identification of the performed elements.

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Technical Specialists 

Technical Specialists ensure all elements and their level of difficulty are correctly identified during a performance. A strong knowledge of technical skating rules and experience of skating competitions is essential for these roles.

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Technical Volunteer

Our Technical Volunteers help keep events running smoothly, effectively and on time! These roles generally require less prior experience and knowledge about the skating world, and are a great starting point for volunteering at skating events.

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Judges, Technical Controllers & Referees

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The judges focus completely on scoring the quality of each technical element and the five program components for each skater. A computer keeps track of comparative scores, records results and calculates totals to determine placements. To become a Referee or Technical Controller one must first be a judge. Judges must have eligible status. 

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