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British Ice Skating Strategy

With the help of stakeholders across our community, we've set some ambitious goals to help ice skating flourish in the UK. Our vision - and plan for how we'll get there - is laid out below, and we'll be keeping you up to date on our progress.

Our Mission:
To inspire a passion for ice skating that is inclusive and accessible for all!

How We'll Get There:
By establishing investable programmes that enhance lives, promote inclusion, increase participation and deliver exciting performances on the world stage. 

Jump to our progress report on our key strategic areas:

One young skater supports another to take some steps on the ice.

An NGB With an Ethos of Excellence

We're a small team at British Ice Skating, but we care hugely about what we do - and want to do it as well as possible!

Recent Progress:

  • Successfully met the 24 UK Anti-Doping Assurance Framework requirements.

  • Secured funding to increase our data insight capabilities, growing our ability to identify and manage membership trends.

Grow Through Partnerships

We plan to unlock new opportunities by increasing our work with our existing partners - and some new ones, too!

Recent Progress:

  • ​Collaborated with 3 other NGBs to successfully bid for UK Sport funding for technology improvements.

  • Worked closely with Activity Alliance to develop our new learn to skate programme.

A United and Diverse Workforce

 We want to make sure every one of our staff, coaches and volunteers  has the chance to develop and flourish in their role.

Recent Progress:

  • Staff survey launched to capture work satisfaction, staff wellbeing, and organisational culture data.

  • Personal development goals gathered to inform individual development plans.

A Route To Success

 Our talent and performance pathways aim to drive a culture of excellence, from grassroots to the world stage; helping skaters and coaches reach their full potential.

Recent Progress:

  • We've delivered multiple performance camps across various disciplines to help nurture upcoming talent.

  • Short Track skating is returning to the BIS fold, bringing all of our performance disciplines back together.

Create Opportunities For All

Ice skating is a joy everyone should get to experience; we're working on removing barriers and broadening access to our fantastic sport.

Recent Progress:

  • We've radically developed our learn to skate programme to make it more inclusive - rolling out across the UK from June 2023.

  • We created, and are in the process of implementing, our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.

A Household Name

As the driving force behind ice skating across the UK, we want to raise national awareness of who we are and what we do.

Recent Progress:

  • New Communications Lead in post to develop our PR and communications activities.

  • Invested in technology to improve our communication capabilities going forward.

Our Goals

Our Long-Term Direction

We're already looking to the future, with a roadmap set out for the next 10 years.

As a BIS member, you can feed into these plans in many different ways - from joining one of our Technical Advisory Committees, to attending our General Meetings, or even just completing one of our surveys. 

A figure depicts a summary of the BIS ten-year plan, with the following stages: Establish, Exposure, Embed, Expand and Excel.

Our Progress



In Progress

Coming Soon


Organisation: An NGB with an ethos of excellence.

Our Goal:

To establish a proactive organisation through robust governance, financial management, and utilising technology.

Meet Code for Sports Governance to ensure best practice and access to national funding.

Implement longer-term financial forecasts and KPIs to monitor our progress and keep it on track.

Design and implement an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategy.

Develop inclusive organisational values that embed positive, continuous and sustainable culture change.

People: A united and diverse workforce


Our Goal:

To allow staff, coaches and volunteers the opportunity to flourish based on shared values and a developmental approach.

Implement development plans for all staff, boosting personal growth, skills, and workforce productivity.

Establish pathways and education programmes for coaches and volunteers to enhance their development.

Work towards a more diverse workforce in line with our EDI Strategy.

Membership & Participation: Create opportunities for all


Our Goal:

Be at the heart of making ice skating accessible across the UK by creating and leading engaging programmes that break down barriers

Continue work on identifying barriers to participation in ice skating.

Develop and launch a more inclusive Skate UK programme, accessible to a broader audience.

Keep reaching new audiences, steadily growing our membership.

Stakeholders: Grow through partnerships


Our Goal:

Unlock future investment and support through increased stakeholder engagement.

Create and deliver a BIS Facilities Strategy.

Secure a major sponsor with alignment to BIS strategy and organisational values.

Collaborate with funding agencies and partners to help unlock investment that will help deliver our strategic priorities.


Talent & Performance: A route to success

Our Goal:

Drive a culture of excellence from grassroots to world stage through a talent and performance pathway for coaches and skaters.

Create a talent and performance strategy aligned to funding bodies' and UK Sport's investment principles.


Create a world-leading training environment that supports our speed skaters to fulfil their potential.

Deliver new exciting pathway programmes that can best support skater and coach development.

Visibility: A household name


Our Goal:

Create a national awareness of British Ice Skating as the driving force behind ice skating across the UK.

Implement a communications strategy to maximise visibility during Milan-Cortina cycle and beyond.

Increase our brand visibility and establish a primary partner to expand support for our sport.

Host multiple ISU international and Championship events. 

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