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Providing a clear pathway for all skaters

British Ice Skating is committed to providing a clear and accessible pathway to all skaters. This starts with the approved learn-to-skate SkateUK programme, through Young Stars competitions and master classes, right the way up to ISU International events and camps.

1. Skate Tots - this programme is focused on skaters under 5 years of age. This can be taught on a parent and toddler sessions before they are introduced to the regular Skate UK Programme.


2. Skate UK - the Skate UK is a programme of basic skills; these are the fundamentals of the sport. Once a skater has completed this programme then they have the basic knowledge of the sport. This programme is tested under a progressive and continuous testing structure.

3. Skate Star - consists of Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in different skating disciplines, preparing skaters for developing in the way they wish, be that performing longer programmes, joining a club, or simply feeling more at home on-the-ice!

4. National Tests - from Level 1 to Level 10, the National Test Structure helps skaters learn the necessary skills to advance and be able to add ever-more attributes to their skill-set

5. Competitions - both in Figure and Speed skating, skaters can compete to gain qualification times or scores to move on or even gain selection to higher-level events


6. Young Stars - for skaters of Beginner to Level 3, British Ice Skating runs Young Stars competitions and master classes to give talented young skaters the platform to showcase their skills and to learn new ones from high-level coaches and fellow skaters


7. Development Squads - skaters achieving certain scores or levels can apply for one of the Development Squads, which can enable them to compete internationally, benefit from expert feedback and follow a pathway to the elite end of the sport


8. Performance Squads - for Junior and Senior skaters who have proven they can compete at the sharp end of International competition, our GB Performance Squad skaters of all disciplines represent British Ice Skating and Great Britain in the eyes of the world and enjoy the support of ISU moderators and the backing of BIS

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