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Ice Skating is a brilliant, fun way to stay healthy and active. There are over 50 rinks across the length and breadth of the UK, with more than double that number during the festive period.

Whether you have tried it out before or are completely new to the sport there is sure to be something to suit you. Ice Rinks run programmes and for all levels of experience, so there really is something for everyone. 

Get on the ice! 

If you’re just starting out our approved Learn to Skate programme, Skate UK, will get you on the ice in no time.  

There are rinks across the UK, use our rink finder to find one near you.

Looking to join a club? You can find them all here.

Become part of the community of dedicated volunteers who are vital to our sport.

Find information on how you could become a coach.

Find more information on the ice skating test structure.

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