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Meet our Ambassadors!

Our British Ice Skating Ambassadors are skaters just like you, here to share their experiences, knowledge, and love of skating. 


Some have been skating their whole lives while some only started a few years ago, they compete at different levels and in different disciplines, but they share a passion for making the ice skating community as welcoming, accessible and supportive as possible.

Meet our Ambassadors below - you can also submit questions for them to answer, so you can find out more about them and get their insights into the world of ice skating!


Phebe Bekker

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Years Skating: 10 Years

Age: 18

Interests: Fashion, Fitness, Photography

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"I have been skating for 10 years; I currently compete in senior ice dance and am part of the BIS Performance Squad, alongside my skating partner James Hernandez."

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Jashan Bhoora

Location: Cambridge

Years Skating: 5 Years

Age: 28

Interests: Martial Arts, Food, Travel

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"I've been skating since the day the Cambridge Ice Arena opened in 2019; I was in their very first Learn to Skate intake! I'm now around BIS Skills Level 3 or 4. (I've never taken a test though!) I started with Free Skating, and have since joined the Cambridge's Adult Synchro Team - Paradox. More recently, I've started training in Short Track Speed Skating too!"

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Jessica Cupitt

Location: Nottingham

Years Skating: 10 Years

Age: 23

Interests: Ice hockey, Animals and Travelling!

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"I’ve been skating for around 10 years, currently level 3 BIS skills and working on my level 1 and 2 Ice Dance tests. And I skate Synchro in the adult category!"

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Suzi Murray

Location: Ayrshire

Years Skating: 17 Years

Interests: TikTok creator for figure skating, travelling, photography

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