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'Governance' describes everything to do with how we're run as an organisation - how we make our decisions, what rules we have to follow, which goals we're trying to meet, and how we're trying to achieve them successfully.

British Ice Skating is the trading name of the National Ice Skating Association of the United Kingdom Ltd, having re-branded in 2018 as part of exciting plans for future projects, including sponsorships and partnerships with commercial bodies.

The company is based at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield, a premises run by Sheffield International Venues, which is also the home to numerous other sporting National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and which has state of the art equipment and facilities for a multitude of sporting activities.

Explore our 2023 Annual Report for the latest updates on our work and progress.

Or download it here:

If you're a full British Ice Skating member, you can have your say on our direction and plans by attending and voting at our Annual General Meeting. Find out more:

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