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Let's Say #ThanksCoach

Coaching isn’t just about skating skills. A great coach helps support and inspire their skaters to be well-rounded individuals in sport and in life.

As we get ready for UK Coaching Week 2024, we want to hear how your coach has helped you develop – both on and off the ice!

We’ll share the stories on our social media during UK Coaching Week (29 April - 5 May) as part of their #ThanksCoach campaign to give a shoutout and say thank you to all the fantastic coaches out there - plus all coaches who get entered will have the chance to win one of our brand new BIS Coach jackets, among other prizes!


Enter your coach by letting us know how they have helped you gain important life skills. Think about the things you’ve learned that benefit you both on and off the ice (for example things like confidence, teamwork, self-discipline and social skills).

#ThanksCoach Social Media

The messages and images you share may be published on the BIS website and social media accounts between 29 April-5 May as part of the UK Coaching Week 2024 #ThanksCoach campaign.

BIS will not publish any content or language considered inappropriate, and cannot guarantee all submissions will be profiled.

Prize Draw Terms & Conditions:

  • In order to qualify for entry into the prize draw, a coach must:

    • be entered via at least one #ThanksCoach submission from a skater they currently or previously coached, by 1pm Wednesday 24th April.

    • currently hold a valid British Ice Skating coaching license (for any coach qualification level.)

  • Only one prize draw entry per coach is possible; additional #ThanksCoach submissions for the same coach will not lead to additional entries into the draw.

  • The prize draw will be carried out at 3pm on Thursday 25th April. Winners will be announced on Monday 29th April.

  • There are 8 individual prizes to be won in total:

    • 2x BIS Coach Jacket (brand new design!)

    • 2x £50 voucher for BIS Shop

    • 4x £25 voucher for BIS Shop



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