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Event Restructure: Introducing the BIS Cup

British Ice Skating is excited to unveil the first stage of our brand new event structure for the 2024/25 season, focused on our Singles and Synchro Events.

Following feedback from members, coaches, clubs and officials, and in consultation with our Technical Advisory Committees, we have introduced a number of changes for the 2024/25 season to ensure our events can offer the right level of competition for as many skaters as possible.


A new event series culminating in a new final - the BIS Cup - is to be introduced that ensures skaters who don't meet the requirements for our performance pathway (leading to the British Championships) can keep competing! These skaters can qualify for and compete at the BIS Cup, allowing them to keep gaining key competitive experience and being recognised for their progress.

Keeping Things Simple

All information for competitive pathways for Synchro and Singles competitions can now be found in one single document for each, hopefully making them easier to navigate and understand!

Read the full details about next season's Singles and Synchro events structure here:

Coming Soon... The next steps in our event restructure are due to be announced soon, with news about our future Interpretive and Exhibition Events right around the corner!


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