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Non - Isu Open - all you need to know

iceSheffield will host the Non-Isu Open over three days.

Starting tomorrow the three day event will see skaters from new beginner level up to & including National 8 competing.


You can find the latest timetable by clicking here. This page will not be updated regularly during the event, so make sure you download the Sportity app to stay up-to-date.

Get all info on the Sportity app

All you have to do is download the Sportity app and enter the code: BISFS_GBR.

This will give you access to the timetable, and automatically update you if there are changes made. Skaters, coaches, volunteers, judges and spectators who download Sportity will get up-to-date information straight to their phone.


Tickets are £5 each and available to buy on the door.

Buying videos of your skate

Skaters who wish to buy videos copies of their performance will now have to order this using the BIS membership portal. Simply click here to be taken to the booking page.

Skaters will not be able to order videos at the BIS desk at the event.

Orders will then be sent out to the email address registered on your profile 5 days after the closing date.

Start list & Results

You can find the full start list and results by clicking here.

Competitor List

You can view the full competitor list by clicking here.

Competitive Claims

The acceptance of competitive claims will be announced on the bis website & social media pages. If you achieve the scores you will need to select the correct level of national technical elements and national programme components separately, You apply for a competitive claim in the same way you would for a test application but you make the application on the competitive test award section of your account.


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