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International Adults return from Estonia, Tallinn

Many skaters represented Great Britain coming back home with medals, new Personal Bests, new elements, +GEO's and some their first time skate achieving these. The skaters also faced -22 degrees weather. 

The skaters were made up of the following individuals: Simon Jell, Laura Somerville, Daisy Miles, Lindsey Wiseman, Sarah Wilson, Abbie Rowntree, Monika Czainska, Lucy Portlock, Birgitta Laurent, Su Cacioppo, Sandra Stephens and pair couple Yulia Bass and John Ferrandine. 

GB skaters and placements

Total medals:- Gold: 8 - Silver: 2- Bronze: 3


Bronze 1 men free - Simon Jell - 1st

Bronze 1 men artistic - Simon Jell - 1st

Bronze PYA/YA women free - Sarah Wilson - 4th

Gold YA/1 women free - Abbie Rowntree - 1st

Gold YA/1 women free - Monika Anna Czainska - 4th

Bronze 1 women free - Laura Somerville - 1st

Bronze 3 women free - Lucy Portlock - 9th

Silver 2 women free - Lindsey Wiseman - 2nd

Silver 2 women free - Birgitta Laurent - 5th

Silver 3/4 women free - Sandra Stephens - 3rd

Masters YA/1/2 free - Daisy Miles - 2nd

Bronze YA/1/2 women artistic - Laura Somerville 1st

Silver 1/2 women artistic - Lindsey Wiseman - 3rd

Silver 1/2 women artistic - Birgitta Laurent - 4th

Gold YA/1 women artistic - Abbie Rowntree - 1st

Masters 1 women artistic - Daisy Miles - 1st

Bronze 3 women artistic - Lucy Portlock - 3rd

Bronze 3 women artistic - Su Cacioppo - 5th

Silver 3/4 women artistic - Sandra Stephens - 4th

Pairs free - Yulia Bass / John Ferrandine - 1st

Congratulations to all skaters!

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With thanks to Laura Somerville


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