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Welcoming New Ice Skating Officials

We've been working hard this year to improve our officials' pathways - the ways people can become, and develop as, an ice skating official. 

We held our first set of seminars and exams based on the newly developed pathways last month for a group of over 30 aspiring Technical Specialists, with an overwhelmingly positive response from participants and instructors alike over the two days.

This ongoing pathway development work is part of the United and Diverse Workforce strand of British Ice Skating's 10 year strategy, which aims to 'allow staff, coaches and volunteers the opportunity to flourish based on shared values and a developmental approach.'

Officials are at the heart of everything we do at British Ice Skating, ensuring the high quality and standard of our events and tests stay consistent and fair. Ensuring they receive effective training, continuous development and ongoing support is vital to the success of ice skating in the UK, and our improved pathways are the foundation for this work.

With a growing number of events on the skating calendar and ever more people getting involved in our fantastic sports, developing new judges and officials is more important than ever. We are very much looking forward to welcoming many new faces to our ranks of officials in 2024, and supporting them in the achievement of their development goals.

"British Ice Skating is deeply committed to continuously improving the experience of our workforce, and launching our revised officials' pathways is an integral part of this. With clearer qualification and progression paths established, 2024 will bring many more opportunities for individuals to qualify and develop as an ice skating official." Michelle Draper, British Ice Skating CEO

We will be holding some more information and introduction sessions via Zoom in early 2024; if you are curious about

becoming an official, or wish to register your interest in a particular area, then please complete the following form:


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