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Solo Dance Qualifier: Score Calculation Corrections 


British Ice Skating and the Ice Dance Technical Advisory Committee are issuing a correction to the score calculations from the 7-8th March 2024 Solo Dance Qualifier event. 

The investigation and subsequent decision was due to immediate concerns by British Ice Skating and the Ice Dance Technical Advisory Committee when reviewing the competitive test scores ahead of their publication.

It has been established that an error in the complex calculation system process led to all competitors in Basic Novice & Intermediate Novice receiving a lower score than was accurate. There is also one error in deductions in the Advance Novice event. This error has now been identified and fixed, and the revised scores are now available to view here British Ice Skating Ice Dance Qualifier 2024 ( a few cases, the revised scores mean that skaters’ final position have also been altered; in these cases, additional medals will be awarded to skaters whose corrected scores move them into a top 3 position. Please note, the revised scores will be used for all official purposes, including rankings for British Championships entry.   

We would like to apologise for the error and any subsequent confusion; we aim to run our competitions to the highest technical standard and will be working to ensure no similar problem is encountered again.  

Many thanks for your understanding


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