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BIS TAC's Casual Vacancies recruitment-Appointed roles - EXTENDED 09.07.2020

Following the completion of recruitment to all Elected casual vacancies on the Coaching TAC, and a vacancy arising on the Synchro TAC, BIS are NOW recruiting to Appointed vacancies on both TAC’s, on a Casual basis

The skills requirements having been reviewed and appropriate criteria set, the roles being advertised are as follows;

  • Coaching TAC – Coach

  • Coaching TAC – Coach OR Athlete

  • Synchro TAC – Coach

Please click on the following links for the relevant information and documents:

The closing date is Wednesday 22nd July 2020, and all enquiries and submissions of completed ‘Candidate Information Forms’ should be sent to

We look forward to receiving your applications - this is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the development of our fantastic sport in the UK!


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