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All you need to know about the World Figure Skating Championships

The World Figure Skating Championships gets underway tomorrow with Great Britain represented in every discipline. The long-awaited return of competitive action is sure to be a thrilling event and one you don’t want to miss out on. Here’s everything you need to know, including when our GBR skaters will be on the ice and how you can watch at home. The timings below are all GMT, other than Sunday 28th which is BST.

Natasha McKay will be the first of the GBR squad in action as the Ladies Short Program gets underway at 9am tomorrow.

The Pairs Short Program follows at 17:30 that evening, Chris Boyadji and Zoe Jones will be skating for GBR.

On Thursday morning we’ll see PJ Hallam in action as the Men’s Short Programme starts at 10:30am.

Our Ice Dance duo of Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson have to wait until Friday to get into the action. They’ll be skating between 09:52 and 14:55 in the Rhythm Dance.

When final timings have been confirmed we will share when each British skater is due to compete, so you’ll know exactly when to tune in to cheer on our squad.

Full Schedule

Weds 09:00-14:56 – Ladies Short Program

Weds 17:30-21:50 – Pairs Short Program

Thurs 10:30-15:22 – Men Short Program

Thurs 17:10-20:54 – Pairs Free Skate

Fri 09:52-14:55 – Ice Dance Rhythm Dance

Fri 17:00-20:55 – Ladies Free Skate

Sat 10:00-13:55 – Men’s Free Skate

Sat 16:00-19:19 – Ice Dance Free Dance

How can I watch?

There are plenty of places you can catch all the action from the World Championships. Both Eurosport and BBC Sport will have extensive coverage, so you won’t miss a minute.

We’ll be sharing links everyday so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through the week.

TV Schedule

24th March

08:55-14:15 - Eurosport 1

17:25-22:00 – Eurosport 2

25th March

10:25-14:00 – Eurosport 2

17:05-21:00 – Eurosport 2

17:10-21:30 – BBC Red Button, iPlayer & BBC Sport Website

26th March

09:45-14:15 - Eurosport 1

16:55-21:00 – Eurosport 2

17:00-21:30 – BBC Red Button, iPlayer & BBC Sport Website

27th March

10:55-14:00 – Eurosport 1

10:00-14:30 - BBC Red Button, iPlayer & BBC Sport Website

16:00-19:30 – Eurosport 1

16:00-19:55 – BBC iPlayer & BBC Sport Website

28th March

13:50 – 16:00 – Eurosport 2

16:30-19:00 - BBC Red Button, iPlayer & BBC Sport Website

16.30-18.00 – BBC 2 Highlights Show


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