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Updated - proposed restructure of technical advisory committees of BIS

In the original posting of this information document on 22nd September 2022, it suggested that there had been ongoing recruitment issues with both Short Track and Long Track TACs. We want to acknowledge that this is not true, and would like to confirm that in fact the Short Track TAC has been running at full capacity and has fully and effectively executed it’s duties. We apologise for this error (14/10/22)

Dear British Ice-Skating Members,

Proposed restructure of technical advisory committees (“TACs”) of British Ice Skating (“BIS”)

As you may be aware, BIS has endured ongoing recruitment issues relating to the Long Track TAC, which has in turn negatively impacted their productivity and effectiveness, and has hampered the provision of technical expertise to BIS as a whole.

As a result, in order to rectify these issues and provide an advisory support network that is adequate and fit for purpose, the board of directors of BIS (the “Board”) has proposed to form a new Speed Skating TAC, in line with article 8.2 of BIS’s articles of association (the “Articles”). The intention of the Board is that this new TAC will absorb the functions and responsibilities of the Short Track and Long Track TACs to provide a more streamlined and comprehensive committee, following which the Short Track and Long Track TACs will subsequently be dissolved.

The Board has met and, following careful consideration, has approved the proposal to create the new Speed Skating TAC. As a result, you will have now received information relating to the proposed appointment and election of prospective members of that new TAC, in line with its terms of reference approved by the Board pursuant to Article 8.4.

However, the Articles in their current form are required to be amended in order to reflect the dissolution of the two existing TACs, and consequently a draft resolution of the members is due to be tabled at the upcoming AGM, seeking the approval of this amendment. Should this revision hopefully be approved, the Short Track and Long Track TACs shall be dissolved, meaning the ongoing terms of appointment of those existing committee members with time left to run shall therefore cease. Those committee members shall, provided they meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by the new TAC terms of reference and are not precluded by the maximum terms in office outlined in the Articles, be eligible to stand for election to the new committee.

Should however the proposed resolution not be passed at the upcoming AGM, the Short Track and Long Track TACs shall continue in their existing capacity, and the Board will opt not to enact the creation of the new Speed Skating TAC. Alternative arrangements will then be considered by the Board, however all BIS members and in particular those applicants for election to the new Speed Skating TAC, should note that the appointments and elections to positions on the Speed Skating TAC are subject to the passing of the above-mentioned resolution of the members.

It is hoped that the membership of BIS appreciates that this proposed reorganisation of the TACs is in the best interests of BIS as a whole and is intended to provide a more complete committee better able of providing a higher standard of technical expertise to the Company for which it is intended to exist, which in turn will create an improved environment for all members.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Yours faithfully,

Karen Rothery,

BIS Independent Chair, on behalf of the Board


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