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Training seminar for Novice Ice Dance couples and their Coaches - applications close Friday 15th Jul

The Polish Figure Skating Federation (supported by ISU Development, as part of the ISU Development Program in Ice Dance)

are inviting applications for the 9th Regional North / East European Ice Dance Development Training Seminar for Novice Ice Dance couples and their Coaches.

This will take place in Torun, Poland from 6th-11th Augusts 2022.

Any interested skaters or coaches should read the full announcement below. The deadline to submit your application to British Ice Skating is 12:00 on Friday 15th July. To apply please send skater names, dates of birth, category and coach name

to by the deadline.


The aim of the Seminar is the development of Ice Dance Coaches and their Couples to a higher level, the improvement of basic principles and technique of Ice Dance. The intention is to re-initiate Ice Dance in countries that had couples before, but have no or very little activity now, also the introduction of Ice Dance in new areas where it is not yet traditionally pursued.

To help Ice Dance Coaches and Couples to a higher technical level, experienced Coaches will moderate the Seminar. Along with the extensive on-ice work daily off-ice classes will include a different type of off-ice sessions. For a more personal learning effect, the experts will be available for a one-to-one contact with the participating Coaches.

The Ice Dance Seminar is composed for all categories of Novice Ice Dance Couples, and also for Coaches wishing to attend without Skaters at their own cost. Participants should arrange to arrive in the morning, Saturday, August 6th, and depart in the morning of Thursday, August 11th, after lunch.

The Professional Team for the Seminar (subject to change):


Head coach Mrs. Sylwia Nowak Trebacka

Mr. Rostislav Sinitsin

Mr. Lloyd Jones

Off-ice :

Ballet instructors: Katarzyna Rasiewicz

Physical instructors: Mr. Jacek Jankowski

Theatre /Interpretation :Mrs. Dorota Nowak

Dance: Mrs. Agnieszka Łuczyńska

Language : The Seminar will be conducted in English.

Entry & participation criteria and conditions:

a) In order to provide adequate quality in the Seminar the OC will limit the capacity to 24 Ice Dance Couples and 20 Coaches per Seminar.

b) A “waiting list” will be created for those Ice Dance Couples who cannot be accepted in the first run in order to offer the chance of acceptance and participation, should cancellations occur. ISU Members are requested to be considerate with the timing of cancellations in order to give other athlete the chance to participate.

c) As this ISU Development Training Seminar is organized to provide help and offer a quality learning

experience to Ice Dance Coaches and their Couples, sending a “non-skating” person as a Coach is not


d) Coaches who have not participated previously in the Seminar will have priority of acceptance.

e) The Seminar is also open to Coaches wishing to attend without Skaters at their own cost

f) Participating Ice Dance Couples are expected to arrive physically fit and prepared.

g) Participating Ice Dance Couples are required to know the correct steps and timing of the Pattern Dance(s) of the respective season.

h) Accepted participants (Coaches and Skaters) will have to participate from the beginning to the end of the Seminar unless receiving the permission prior to acceptance to do otherwise.

i) Ice Dance Couples must participate together with their announced Coaches. Should an announced Coach unexpectedly be unable to attend, subject to receiving permission from the OC, the participating Skaters must be accompanied by a responsible chaperone for the whole duration of the Seminar.

j) All participants must have Medical Insurance and have their valid Insurance Card with them to attend

the Seminar.

k) The Seminar will be organized in accordance with all COVID-19 regulations and restrictions.


The financial responsibility for the Seminars is as follows:

a) There will be a Symbolic Participation Fee of EUR. 200 per accepted and participating Ice Dance Couple, and EUR 100 per accepted Coach. This Symbolic Participation Fee is to be paid in cash to the local coordinator upon arrival and registration in Torun.

b) The living expenses for the Seminar (room and meals) for the accepted Ice Dance Couples and Coaches, will be borne by the ISU for the period from lunch on Saturday, August 6th, until lunch on Thursday, August 11th.

c) Participants will be responsible for the travel expenses and arrangements to and from Torun for all participating Coaches and Skaters.

d) Participants shall also be responsible for the living expenses for Coaches attending without a participating Couple, or being outside of the quota.

Cancellation policy:

All the facilities, including the Hotel have to be booked and paid in advanced for the accepted participants

(Coaches and Skaters) . Consequently, no cancellations after the following 22nd July 2022, can be accepted


Applications by names must be sent by 12:00 Friday 15th July in order to be considered.

Applicants will be notified of the acceptance , together with other details by OC, as soon as possible after the deadline for applications.


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