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The best team performance since 1996 - World Championships review

British skaters last week enjoyed the best World Championships as a team since 1996. The competition in France was the first time in 26 years that GB skaters qualified for the free skate in each of the men’s women’s, Pairs and Ice Dance.

Natasha McKay recorded her best ever total score at a World Championships in the women's event. the five-time British champion's competition started with a 55.71 in her Short Program, good enough to qualify in 24th for the Free Skate. She then moved up the rankings to finish 23rd after being awarded 103.56, bringing her to a total of 159.27 and the best World Championships score she has ever achieved.

Graham Newberry left Montpellier with three new personal best scores as he returned to his first World Championships since 2017. He shattered his Short Program PB with a score of 74.92, well over his previous best of 64.49. His total 135.48 was announced, meaning he ended the Men's competition with a total of 210.40, a huge increase from his previous best of 198.04.

Zoe Jones & Chris Boyadji ended their final World Championships with an emotional performance. They skated a season's best Short Program, their Free Skate was awarded 94.54, also a season's best. Their total of 144.24 and a tenth place finish was a fitting way to bring their career together to a close.

Sasha Fear and George Waddell ended their first ever World Championships in 17th place. On arguably the biggest stage they have ever skated they were awarded 93.36 for their Free Dance. Combined with a season's best Rhythm Dance they ended with 160.05.

Lilah Fear & Lewis Gibson came sixth and set a new personal best total score to continue their meteoric rise through the world Ice Dance rankings. Their Free Dance was awarded a score of 119.28 giving them a personal best overall score of 198.17 and their best ever placing at a World Championships.


Natasha McKay – 23rd

Short Program - 55.71

Free Skate – 103.56

Total score – 159.27

Graham Newberry – 20th

Short Program – 74.92 PB

Free Skate – 135.48 PB

Total score – 210.40 PB

Skating at first Worlds since 2017

Lilah Fear & Lewis Gibson – 6th

Rhythm Dance – 78.89

Free Dance – 119.28 SB

Total score – 198.17 PB

Sasha Fear & George Waddell – 17th

Rhythm Dance – 66.69 PB

Free Dance –93.36

Total score – 160.05

Skating at first ever Worlds

Zoe Jones & Chris Boyadji – 10th

Short Program – 49.67 SB

Free Skate – 94.57 SB

Total score - 144.24 SB


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