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Take a look back at the 2022 ISU International Adult Competition in Oberstdorf

The 2022 ISU International Adult Competition took place in Oberstdorf, Germany in May. Chris Buchanan, BIS TAC Chair, was at the event as an Ice Dance Seminar Moderator, Judge and Technical Controller for the Artistic Free Skating, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating events. Here he shares his thoughts on one of the highlights of the Adult skating calendar.

After a long Covid break, once again, in May, the ‘mature’ skating world packed its bags and headed for the annual jamboree that is the ISU Adult Figure Skating event in beautiful Oberstdorf. This was a celebration of friends once again having the opportunity to come together enjoying the sport they love. The event continues to go from strength to strength, with over 350 participants taking part at this year’s event, despite the challenges that the global Covid pandemic presented to us all.

With a gloriously wide mix of categories and disciplines – the competition takes over the town for a week. Everywhere you go – you are bumping into friends heading to the rink or coming from the rink. They bring the whole of the town to life – the sound of skating wheelie-bags being pulled up and down the main street is ever-present.

The rink is in use from early morning until very late at night with every event being well supported and a joy to officiate. This skating community really understands what our wonderful sport is all about – they absolutely get that the other skaters are not challenge – it’s the technical and judging panels that they have to crack! This means that they give unfettered support to each and every skater performing and this generosity of spirit is truly heartwarming. The competitors may not realise it, but it is this attitude that makes the most senior officials in the skating world prepared to give their time to this wonderful event every year. We also thoroughly enjoy the social side of the event with the closing banquet being an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down. These folks really know how to enjoy themselves!

I am often asked by those who have never officiated at the event – Why do you give a week of your time to an ‘Adult’ event? My answer is simple, the joy and spirit of the event is infectious and this makes it simply the most enjoyable event to be involved in during the whole season. I don’t make that statement lightly, as I move from Grand Prix events, Championships and other high-level events throughout the season, but having officiated at this event every year since its inception I can say that it is truly unique. I will continue to give my services, as long as they want me there. The supportive atmosphere created by the adult skaters is a wonderful example of the joy that skating can bring to those involved.

Turning to the most important people at this event – our skaters - the medal tally for Team GB was 12 gold, 7 silver and 11 bronze medals. (See the list below for those that brought the medals home.)

BIS is proud that this magnificent result that put Britain at the top of the medal table with the USA. A huge congratulation goes from the BIS and BIS members to all of our skaters. To those who medalled, enjoy this wonderful reward for your hard work and dedication and to those that were just pipped for that podium place – I am certain you will continue to work hard to be on the podium next year.

The spirit and camaraderie are both touching and inspirational. The greatest testament to these adult skaters is that they appreciate being evaluated and judged on exactly the same basis as all other international skaters. In all of my years of officiating, I have never heard one of the adult skaters complain about their marks (no matter how low those might be) but there are always lots of questions about what they have to do to improve – there is a huge appetite for knowledge and what to do to get those marks out of the pockets of the judges! An object lesson for skaters at all levels.

Here is the final tally of medals won by our British skaters:

Gold - 13

Silver - 8

Bronze - 09

Silver Men IV I Free Skating

Phil BROWN - Silver

Bronze Men III I Free Skating

Mark HAUGHTON - Bronze

Bronze Men IV I Free Skating

Colin HALL - Gold

Masters Women I Free Skating

Franki WILSON - Bronze

Gold Women I Free Skating

Chantelle A’COURT - Gold

Gold Women II Free Skating

Lulubelle ALEXANDRA - Silver

Gold Ladies III Free Skating

Rachael RICHARDS - Gold

Gold Women IV Free Skating

Monica BROWN - Gold

Silver Women II | Free Skating

Katherine NOBLE - Bronze

Silver Women IV Free Skating

Karen DALLEY - Silver

Bronze Ladies IV Free Skating

Roberta WHEELER - Gold

Adult Pair Free Skating

Barbara HAUGHTON / Mark HAUGHTON - Gold

Jane COLLINS / Martin COLLINS - Silver

Ice Dance Silver PD

Fiona BROWN / Michael JONES - Bronze

Ice Dance Bronze PD

Katherine NOBLE / Atsuchi ARAUCHI-EVERETT - Bronze

Gold Men II Artistic


Silver Men IV Artistic

Phil BROWN - Gold

Masters Women I Artistic

Chantelle A’COURT - Gold

Gold Women II Artistic

Lulubelle ALEXANDRA - Gold

Gold Women III Artistic

Rachael RICHARDS - Gold

Gold Women IV Artistic

Monica BROWN - Silver

Silver Women IV Artistic

Karen DALLEY - Silver

Gail TUDOR - Bronze

Bronze Women III Artistic

Nadia COLBORNE - Gold

Bronze Women IV Artistic

Roberta WHEELER - Gold

Lesley BRENIKOV - Silver


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