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Skate Southern Competitive Test Passes

British Ice Skating are now accepting Test passes from Skate Southern, which took place 24th to 27th February 2020.

Test Passes will be accepted until: 16th April 2020

Any skaters wishing to use their scores for a competitive test pass should apply to claim the test level pass through their online account by 16th April 2020, which is the closing date for applications using scores from this event.

Please be aware that skaters are required to achieve both the TES score and the TSS score in order to pass. Therefore combined scores are not accepted.

The required scores have been updated and published on the website to take effect for any Competition held after 1st July 2019 and can be found here. Application forms to be uploaded can be found here.

Skaters are reminded that competitive test passes will result in a higher standard test equivalency which may require them to move up to a higher level at future Open events.


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