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Race for Olympic spots starts for GB Short Track squad at World Cup

The GB Short Track Speed Skating team is set to start their Olympic season in Beijing at the first leg of the ISU World Cup


The competition, an official test event for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, will be the first international meet attended by the squad in 20 months.

Elise Christie, Kathryn Thomson and Holly Hoyland will each race in the 1500m, 500m and 1000m. They will be joined by one of Isabelle Roberts or Charlotte Hayward for the Women’s Relay as they attempt to become the first ever GB Women’s Relay team to qualify a place at the Winter Olympic Games.

21st October

22nd October

23rd October

24th October

Men - 1500m - Heats Women - 1500m - Quarterfinals Men - 1500m - Quarterfinals Women - 500m - Preliminaries Men - 500m - Preliminaries Women - 500 m - Heats Men - 500m - Heats Mixed - 2000m Relay - Quarterfinals

Women - 1000m - Prelims

Men - 1000m - Prelims

Women - 1000m - Heats

Men - 1000m - Heats

Ladies - 3000m Relay - Quarterfinals

Men - 5000m Relay - Quarterfinals

Women - 1500m - Ranking Finals

Men - 1500 m - Ranking Finals

Women - 500 m - Ranking Finals

Men - 500 m - Ranking Finals

Women - 1500 m – Semi-finals

Men - 1500 m – Semi-finals

Women - 1500 m - Finals

Men - 1500 m - Finals

Women - 500 m - Quarterfinals

Men - 500 m - Quarterfinals

Women - 500 m – Semi-finals

Men - 500 m – Semi-finals

Ladies - 500 m - Finals

Men - 500 m - Finals

Women - 3000 m Relay – Semi-finals

Men - 5000 m Relay – Semi-finals

Women - 1000 m - Ranking Finals

Men - 1000m - Ranking Finals

Mixed - 2000m Relay - Ranking Finals

Women - 1000m – Quarterfinals

Men - 1000m - Quarterfinals

Women - 1000 m – Semi-finals

Men - 1000m – Semi-finals

Women - 1000m - Finals

Men - 1000m - Finals

Mixed - 2000m Relay – Semi-finals

Mixed - 2000m Relay - Final A

Women - 3000m Relay - Final A

Men - 5000m Relay - Final A

All three Treacy brothers will compete at the event that gets underway in the early hours of Thursday 21st October. Farrell Treacy will race in the 1500m and 1000m with brother Ethan in the 500m. Niall Treacy will compete in all three distances, as well as Jonathan Moody.

Elise Christie, Kathryn Thomson and Holly Hoyland during qualification.

They will all combine in the Men’s 5000m relay.

Great Britain has also entered a team into the Mixed Relay. Set to make its Olympic debut in Beijing the thrilling 2000m race is one to watch out for.

Richard Shoebridge, Head Coach, said: “It’s going to be a great opportunity to see our athletes back in action on an international level. It’s been a difficult 18 months behind closed doors and I’m just really excited to see our athletes compete against the world’s best athletes. Our team has worked extremely hard and are ready to deliver to their potential.”

The ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating series consists of four events during 2021/22 all of which are qualifying events for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

The next World Cup follows in Nagoya, Japan on 28th October.

Full GB Squad

Women Elise Christie (500m, 1000m, 1500m) Kathryn Thomson (500m, 1000m, 1500m) Holly Hoyland (500m, 1000m, 1500m) Isabelle Roberts (Relay) Charlotte Hayward (Relay) Men Jonathan Moody (500m, 1000m, 1500m) Farrell Treacy (1000m, 1500m) Niall Treacy (500m, 1000m, 1500m) Ethan Treacy (500m)


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