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Planned return to skating in line with Government roadmap

In line with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown we are now able to clarify that all under-18s will be able to return to ice sports as part of Step 2, no earlier than April 12th.

Thanks to a sustained campaign by IRMA, the English Ice Hockey Association and British Ice Skating, rinks across England will be able to open for organised children’s activities including Patch Ice, Learn to Skate & Ice Hockey.

Organised adult activities will be allowed to return in Step 3, no earlier than May 17th.

We are still waiting for clarity regarding the return of individual single household training for adults as part of Step 2. We are also working to ascertain the rules regarding disability sport. These discussions are ongoing, and we hope to provide more information as soon as possible.

As has been the case throughout the past year all three bodies have been working together to ensure ice sports are represented at the highest level of government. We have had a significant number of meetings with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport to clarify and question every decision made by Government.

Large amounts of evidence as to why ice sports should be able to return in line with other sports has been presented to DCMS alongside work from several other stakeholders highlighting the importance of activity for the physical and mental wellbeing of the nation.

We are of course delighted so many under-18s will be back in rinks shortly and continue to work with DCMS regarding the return of adults.


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