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Lewis Gibson leads Academy of Dance camps to a roaring success!

British Ice Skating hosted two Ice Dance camps lead by Olympian Lewis Gibson: one for solo dancers and another for Academy of Dance couples.

Skaters who attended both camps commented on how well they were ran by BIS as well as how helpful and inspirational it was to learn from one of the best ice dancers in recent seasons.

The solo progression camp consisted of four on ice sessions focusing on Basics, Stroking, Turns, Steps & Moves and musicality. As well as off ice Ballet and Modern dance classes and an educational session with a Q&A with Lewis Gibson.

The Academy of Dance camp for couples and included both Ballet and Modern dance classes as well as a range of on ice sessions including Holds, Turns, Steps & Moves, Basics and Stroking.

Lewis Gibson commented “It was such a pleasure working with the skaters on the dance academy. Having this chance to share the knowledge I’ve gained through my skating experiences is such a privilege. Hopefully in some small way what they’ve learnt will improve their journey and aspirations within the sport.”

The next Solo Progression camp will be held on the 24th of May 23, and we can now announce that the guest coach will be Maurizio Margaglio; World & European Champion and Olympic bronze medallist!

You can sign up from the 13th of April at 12pm via Sport 80! Please note the sign up window closes on the 5th May.

Fee for sign up is £75 and the camp will be hosted again at Ice Sheffield and the English Institute of Sport.

The Academy of Dance will be hosting camps too for Ice Dance couples which will be via invitation.


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