Coaches - New Database Access Now Live

Coaches have been sent e-mails to their registered e-mail address this evening (20/02/2020) - please check your mailboxes and junk folders. These e-mails are from Sport:80 inviting you to set your password and engage with the new platform.

If you have not received your password by lunchtime on Friday 21st February, please contact the office - we will verify your e-mail address and (re-)send the invitation e-mail as required.

Video instructions on how to re-license and renew your membership are on the British Ice Skating YouTube page. It is a very easy-to-navigate, intuitive platform, enjoy exploring it and updating your details!

A couple of points to note:

There are a handful of new certificates already received to the office which are not yet live on the site. Feel free to use the upload function via the 'Qualifications' tab if you want to do this the NEW way, otherwise we will add these in the coming days anyway.

Note that, for the few instances where licence and membership costs are paid for by a rink or club, we can create invoices for them through the platform. Follow the instructions in the video and all will be arranged!

British Ice Skating arranges tailored insurance appropriate to the sport at a group price, which is a part of the coach licence renewal fee.

As of 1st March 2020, any coach covered by this insurance will be able to download the policy document from the micro-site arranged by our insurance broker Bluefin Sport. The conditions of validity of that insurance policy document will be the upkeep and maintenance of the coaching licence and relevant associated qualifications and fees.

Any coach who prefers to arrange their own insurance should contact us using the support function to arrange for licensing without the insurance provision - in such instances the individual is NOT covered by the BIS group coaches' insurance.