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British Short Track Speed Skating Championships - official results

The results for the British Short Track Speed Skating Championships have been officially ratified and published.

Charlotte Hayward won the 1500m, 500 and 1000m to become the Women's British Champion. Peter Riches was crowned the male British Champion, finishing first in the 1500m, 500m and 3000m. He came second in the 1000m behind Solomon Prempeh.

Riches also set a new British record of 4:48.140 in the 3000m.

The event also included competitive races in the Junior Men and Women, Junior C Boys and Girls, Junior D Boys and Girls, Junior E and Masters categories. The

Find every result below.

British Short Track Championships 2021 - 2022 Results
Download PDF • 4.60MB

British Short Track Speed Skating Champions

Men - Peter Riches

Women - Charlotte Hayward

Junior Men - Adam Hill

Junior Women - Chloe Cameron

Masters - Frazer Wright

Junior C Boys - Willem Murray

Junior C Girls - Alexandra Snowdon

Junior D Boys - Albie Barlow

Junior D Girls - Savi Gray-Buffey

Junior E - Daniel Trowbridge

British Ice Skating would like to thank all volunteers and officials who played a vital part in putting on such a successful event. This includes, but is not limited to:

Officials Co-ordinator - Tina NOBLE

Technical Adviser - Peter WORTH

Chief Referee - Hew WILLIAMS

Assistant Referee - Peter WORTH

Starter - Jon COLLINS

Starter - Gideon VELDSMAN

Trainee Starter - Mrs. S. DAVID

Competitors Steward - Andi THORNTON

Chief Line Judge/Time Keeper - Jean IVESON

Line Judge/Time Keeper - Adele VELDSMAN

Line Judge/Time Keeper - Mrs. E. ROBERSON

Line Judge/Timekeeper - Mrs. C. TURNER

Photo Finish - Andy BAKER

Photo Finish - Pete HURLEY

Photo Finish - Martin HOLTOM

Heat Box Steward - Catherine TREACY

Heat Box Steward - Caroline BAKER

Lap Scorer - Rob RAIZADA

Track Steward -Maragert SUKKIENNIK

Track Steward - Alex COLLINS

Track Steward - Johanco VELDSMAN

Track Steward - Charlie CAMPION

Announcer - Vicky CAMPION


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