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British Figure Skating Championships - Who is skating?

The British Figure Skating Championships get underway on Tuesday 30th November. The competition will open with the Advanced Novice and Basic Novice groups on day one.

Here's every skater due to take the ice in Sheffield during the pinnacle of the national calendar. Tickets are still available to buy if you want to come along and watch what will be six brilliant days of skating, pick yours up here!


Basic Novice Ladies

Ruby Adams

Nina Alexandrov

Amelia Allen

Maisie Barnett

Kara Baxter

Alisa Biserova

Nicole Brennan

Mollie Chaddock

Leah Coley

Maya Collart

Rose Cookson-Hoare

Mia Craig

Polina Gelun

Stephanie Gillespie

Alexa Hollyhead

Kitty Kaminskas

Kira Khomenko

Adriana Lagman

Piper Lang

Madison Lynch

Marnie Mccoll

Isla McLeod

Kamile Mickeviciute

Jessica Mills

Mya Milne

Tilli Mullen

Darcy Murdoch

Naomi Ogbu

Ruby Ransford

Layla Alena Reay

Paige Robinson

Leehee Shir Shatz

Niamh Sheahan

Isla Shenton

Emma Shimali

Vanessa Spano

Emily Thomson

Lia Wilson

Jessica Worth

Veronika Kolosova

Basic Novice Men

Intermediate Novice Ladies

Intermediate Novice Men

Advanced Novice Ladies

Advanced Novice Men

Junior Ladies

Junior Men

Senior Ladies

Senior Men


Basic Novice Pairs

Jessica Hennessey /Joel Kirby

Lily Smythe / Oliver Raikes

Advanced Novice Pairs

Junior Pairs

Senior Pairs

Ice Dance

Intermediate Novice Dance

Darci Rowcroft / Harry Bennett

Miranda Green / Archie Green

Advanced Novice Dance

Junior Dance

Senior Dance

The Senior competition will be broadcast on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport app, but BIS TV will be the only place you can watch every skate throughout the six days of competition.


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