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BIS Update on Coronavirus Situation 17/03/2020

In line with recently-updated government guidelines and the advice of public health experts, British Ice Skating is extending the period of suspension of its activities to 12 weeks. This will now affect the following revised list of events:

Speed Skating

Scottish Open

Aldwych Open

Nottingham Open

Bradford Open


Staffordshire Winter Sports Club

Chelmsford Riverside Ice Skating Club

Easter Gala Rock Opera Altrincham

Club Competitions

Skate London

Blackpool Festival

Murrayfield Singles, Pairs and Dance Competitions

Deeside Solo Dance

Aberdeen Solo Dance

Guildford Open

British Ice Skating Competitions

Qualifier March

Novice Championships and Young Stars Finale

Adult Nationals


To protect BIS staff and reduce the risk of infection among others, staff will be working from home as of Wednesday 18th March 2020. This means that the offices will be closed and we will be unable to process anything sent by post.

We ask that any contact should be made in writing by e-mail or using the 'Contact Support' function on the new database platform. Phones will be diverted however please note that due to a de-centralised structure your queries will be responded to and resolved quickest if you put them in writing electronically.


BIS will attempt to reschedule any event where this is possible and appropriate and/or will rework the qualification criteria where needed.

Where entries have already been made to BIS events, these will be held over for any rescheduled event. You do have the right to request a refund, however please note that this will result in your application becoming invalid and you would need to re-apply in future at the time of any rescheduled event. Please direct all such communication to


Members can continue to apply for tests using the new membership platform as BIS can process these applications remotely.

We ask your patience that the time to schedule these tests will naturally be longer, however we are developing plans to facilitate large numbers of tests being taken once these activities are back up-and-running.


We will be communicating advice to our affiliated clubs separately and directly.

Yours faithfully,

Michelle Draper - CEO

David Hartley - President and Acting Chair


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