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BIS General Meeting reminder of deadlines

This is a reminder that the British Ice Skating General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th May 2021, at 6:00pm. As per the Explanatory Notice the below deadlines are in place.

For those eligible please note the following;

  • A request to attend the GM should be emailed to by 5pm on Monday 17th May 2021 and if applicable, must indicate that you wish to attend the GM in person. If you do not expressly state that you wish to attend in person, it will be assumed that you would prefer to attend via Zoom.

  • Members’ Questions are requested to be submitted in writing, or via email to, FAO the CEO, by 5pm on Monday 17th May 2021, in order that full and complete answers to such questions can be provided at the GM.

  • All completed Postal/Electronic Ballot Forms must be returned to EITHER the postal address, OR the email address, detailed in the forms and to arrive as early as possible, but no later than 12 noon on Monday 17th May 2021.

Please review the ballot forms available on the BIS website for full details and requirements of the ballot/voting process. You can find all applicable forms here.

All other documents relating to the General Meeting can be found here.


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