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Adults can return to the ice from May 17th

The Ice Rink Managers Association (IRMA), British Ice Skating (BIS) and the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) are thrilled to announce that from May 17th adults will be able to return to ice sports across England.

In line with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown both adult and children’s activities will, for the first time in months, be permitted to take place in just seven days’ time.

There will still be some limits in place with specific guidance due to be released by the relevant governing body. This will include rules on any mitigation needed for contact elements and changing room rules.

The long and difficult period off the ice for many is slowly ending. IRMA, BIS and the EIHA would like to thank the entire ice sports community for rallying round over what has been a very challenging year. IRMA, BIS and the EIHA have worked together with the sole aim of making sure that ice rink users across the country have been represented.

We would like to make clear that for now our focus will continue to be on the return to rinks, but that when the time is right our attention will once again return to an issue that has caused serious problems for our sports over the past 12 months. The categorisation of ice rinks as leisure venues has been a constant issue when working with the Government to allow safe sporting activities to restart. It has held ice sports back compared to other Olympic disciplines and is something we still believe is unjust. We will be working with our partners to ensure that ice rinks can be correctly classified as sports venues.

We hope you can enjoy your return to the ice if you have not already done so. It will be fantastic to start to see rinks across England welcome more and more people back.


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