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A collection of your thanks to coaches

Last week, as part of UK Coaching Week, we asked you to send in your pledges and thanks to the coaching community. The campaign was set up to empower athletes, coaches and the public to celebrate great coaching.

We were inundated with messages from the Ice Skating community sharing thanks for those that put in hours of hard work to help skaters.

You can see a handful of some of the messages that were sent in on Twitter @BritishIceSkating and britishiceskating on Instagram.

Here are a selection of some of the other messages we received.

"John Hamer from Ally Pally who has run off ice training since April for not only his own skaters but those from other rinks . Fantastic energy and focus and even at 58 I loved every minute of it"

"Thank you so much to Kelly, Alison and Yebin for all the off-ice classes since March. It’s been great to have something to look forward to each day and has really helped me. "

"Aberdeen skaters would like to thank Ann, Danielle, Nicole and Jon for helping them to stay fit, focused and motivated! And also to continue challenging the skaters and helping them to improve their skills via regular off-ice lessons! It would be very difficult to keep going without the support of the coaches."

"I would like to thank Laura Todd for her work during lockdown to keep her skaters motivated and getting them ready for a return to the ice. I also would like to send a huge thank you to Kelly Buddery for being amazing during lockdown and offering her classes to anyone. (And your helpers..!) . You can really see the hard work showing on the ice."

"Slough Synchro Skating Club would like to thank our two synchro coaches, Ryan Sowter and Daniella Alessi, who have been training us via Zoom and 'off-ice' during the lockdown period. They've kept us engaged and together as one big family!"

UK Coaching Week 2020 may have finished but we will continue to share the tens of messages we were sent across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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