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Thanking Our Volunteers | Volunteers’ Week 2024

Like many NGBs, volunteers are at the heart of everything we do at British Ice Skating. For Volunteers’ Week 2024 we’d like to say a big thank you to every single person who contributes their time, energy and passion to the success of ice skating in the UK.

This includes our many officials; judges, referees and technical panellists who criss-cross the country to ensure competitors at our events receive fair and high-calibre adjudication.

It includes many coaches, committee members, former and current skaters, family members and friends who volunteer their time to help keep clubs going and the sport growing.

It includes event volunteers - the individuals who ensure the right program music is played and on-ice introductions are made, usher skaters on and off the ice, and keep events moving smoothly.

It also includes our Board and our Technical Advisory Committee members; individuals who dedicate significant time to the strategic decision-making that drives British Ice Skating's work.

A short message from David Hartley, British Ice Skating's Interim CEO:

Volunteer pins awarded for length of service.

Celebrating Our Volunteers

The 2023-24 season saw the launch of our Volunteer Recognition schemes, which formally recognise the contributions of our officials and other volunteers, many of whom have already been working with us for decades!

Volunteers will now receive an appreciation award at specific milestones to recognise and celebrate everything they have given to the sport and the skating community.

2023-24 Special Mentions

Elaine Hooper receiving her lifetime recognition award.

Elaine Hooper

December 2023 saw the retirement of Elaine Hooper, the British Ice Skating historian. This role supports BIS by providing research and information on our history, and Elaine's contributions were manifold.

Her work supported the organisation's values and culture, providing insights into skating history for media queries, event programmes, and news posts, and helped mark the passing of skating community heroes with thoughtful and caring memorials.

We are so grateful for everything Elaine has given to the ice skating community!

Tina Noble

At the British Short Track Championships in January this year, Tina Noble was recognised with an Honours Award for her contributions to Speed Skating.

As a leading figure in the skating community for decades, Tina has been particularly vital in supporting the continued growth of Short Track skating in the UK, as well as contributing significant time to endless BIS events, and her continued impact is hard to overstate.

We are incredibly grateful for everything she does and the difference she has already made to so many.

Thanks again to Elaine, Tina, and every single person who helps keep ice skating sports in the UK going. We couldn't do it without you!


Interested in volunteering with us? Register your interest here.


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