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Test Information - Competitive tests & interim field moves

Competitive test claims for Young Stars and the British Figure Skating Championships are still being accepted

The deadline to submit them for Young Stars is 10th January, all competitive test claims from the British Championships must be made by 14th January.

Please note that the last day to submit applications for the current Interim Field Moves tests will be 31st December 2021.

From 1st January 2022, BIS will only accept applications for the new Skills tests. Any applications for the interim tests which are either submitted online or emailed to by 31st December will be accepted, and any applications submitted after the office closes for the Christmas break will be processed in the new year.

Please remember that skaters should only apply for tests they are ready to take, and skaters should discuss with their coach which version of the tests will be most suitable to them.

Any skaters wishing to change a current test application from Interim to Skills will be able to do so in the new year by emailing


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