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Registration for BIS Ice Dance Progression Camp to open on 26th July

Skaters will be able to register their interest for the BIS Ice Dance Progression Camp from 10:00 on Monday 26th July. These camps will run as pathways into the British Ice Skating Academy of Dance.

Solo Ice Dancers of Basic novice and above, based on age classification, will be welcome to apply but should the camp be oversubscribed priority will be given to those with the technical requirements.

The inaugural camp will run on 28th and 29th August with the registration window open from 10:00 on 26th July until 17:00 6th August.

The camp will cost £75 per skater and include an on-ice session, gym screening, dance class and lunch. It will take place at iceSheffield and the English Institute of Sport led by a range of BIS coaches and mentors including Christopher Dean, Jayne Torvill.

The full timetable has yet to be finalised but it is expected that Couples and Solo Junior & Senior Dancers will attend on Saturday 28th August, with Advanced, Intermediate & Basic Novice on Sunday 29th August.

Ice Dance couples do not need to apply, they will receive an invitation to attend.

Athletes will be required to complete a medical questionnaire to attend, this is to allow for the full gym screening to be completed safely. Masks will also be expected to be worn when moving between classes to protect all skaters and coaches present.

Details on how to register will be released on Monday 26th.


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