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Olivia Weedon & Theo Collins - bringing home the bling!

Speed Skaters Olivia WEEDON (Short Track) and Theo COLLINS (Long Track), both of the Aldwych club, returned from the recent Lausanne Youth Olympic Games with medals. We caught up with them to find out what it feels like to 'bring home the bling'.

BIS: How did it feel to be bringing an Olympic Medal back home?

OW: It was a feeling I can't describe. It didn't quite feel real until I showed my family and friends, then it started to sink in that I had actually won a medal

TC: Great!

BIS: What is your favourite lasting memory of the Games?

TC: After finishing the team sprint, looking at the scoreboard and realising that we were in silver medal position.

OW: My first race as it was the first time I have raced in front of a crowd that large. It was amazing, I stood on the ice after the race listening to the cheering from the crowd and I didn't want to get off! It was an incredible atmosphere that I will never forget.

BIS: What was the reaction from your family, friends, class-mates and skating colleagues?

TC: Everyone has been so proud and excited. I am going to talk to the pupils at my old junior school and show them the medal.

OW: They were all really proud of me and I am not someone who likes to show off so showing people my medal was a big thing for me.

BIS: How have you found coming to terms with your achievements and what is next for you?

OW: It really has been a case of only realising what I had done when others were congratulating me. I really want to continue this progress and benefit from this experience by hopefully qualifying for the Senior Games in the future.

TC: I have my GCSEs this summer so I need to concentrate on those! Then with skating I am determined to train more. Having seen how good the other skaters are, I want to be as good as them. Going to YOG has also helped me be less nervous at big competitions.

Not only are we ourselves so proud of their achievements, but it is clear they also both have very mature heads on those young shoulders. We wish them both all the best for the future and will be keeping a keen eye on their progress, assisting in their development however possible!


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