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Key Reminders: Coaching Convention 2024

As our 2024 Coaching Convention approaches, a reminder of who needs to attend and the deadline for avoiding a late booking fee!

A reminder that attending our full Coaching Convention once every three years is a mandatory license requirement for all BIS Level 2 and above coaches.If you haven't attended a full Coaching Convention since 2021, you must attend in 2024. 

Be aware: a £20 late booking fee will come into effect on 16/06/24. 

2024 Coaching Convention | 22-24 July | Sheffield | Full Conference: £330

Do I need to attend the full convention?

If you are a Level 2 or above coach and you have not attended a full BIS Coaching Convention since 2021, you are required to attend the 2024 Convention as part of maintaining your license.If you hold a coaching qualification below Level 2, there are currently no requirements for Convention attendance.

Can I attend the Convention voluntarily?

Of course! Coaches are welcome to attend the Coaching Convention even when not required for maintaining their license.If you are attending voluntarily, you can choose to attend whichever day(s) you are most interested in; a Convention timetable will be available shortly which may help you make your choice. Different booking options are available to register for the days you choose.

Who can I contact about Convention attendance?

If you have concerns or queries about attending the 2024 Coaching Convention, please get in touch with us at


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