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Ice Rinks re-opening schedule - an update

As the UK moves to reduce coronavirus restrictions a four-step plan has been released by the Government to show the planned re-opening dates of sectors across England. This staged approach will affect when ice rinks can re-open in England.

We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that people can return to the ice as soon as possible.

This has included a sustained effort from British Ice Skating, the Ice Rink Managers Association and English Ice Hockey Association who have all worked together for the benefit of the sport.

We have worked with the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport to clarify what the roadmap means for ice rinks in England and continue to do so.

There are meetings scheduled with DCMS so that complete information can be gathered in relation to the re-opening process. The exact re-opening guidelines are still being determined but we will convey any updates as soon as possible.


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