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Ice Dance Couples event opens Solo Dance Championships

The Solo Dance Championships opened yesterday (Monday 4th July) in Sheffield with an Ice Dance Couples event. The one-day competition saw eight couples skate, with seven performing two Pattern Dances and a Free Dance.

The Beginner Dance group had six couples, with Darci Rowcroft and Harry Bennett the sole couple in the Intermediate Novice Group.

Two skaters hold a final pose on the ice.
Darci Rowcroft and Harry Bennett. Photo Credit: Digital Photo Events

Ashlie Slatter and Atl Ongay-Perez skated a Free Dance in the Junior category and were awarded a total segment score of 55.96.

Lily Chandler and Connor Furness topped the Beginners category with a combined score of 39.57. Eve Dexter and Maxime Fouquet came in second with 30.61 just ahead of third-placed Lily Grace Walding and Taliesin Sherry who scored 30.25.

Click here for a full breakdown of all results.


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