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Coronavirus Guidance Update

As sessions go ahead tonight, we can clarify the latest guidance we have based on discussions with the government.

The changes announced to the “rule of six” by the Prime Minister have changed some elements of training in England so please read the below carefully.

  • The latest guidance does NOT affect any training only involving those under 18. They should still follow all Return to Training documents available here.

  • All Synchro team adults are now limited to groups of six and these groups cannot mix at all. Multiple groups are allowed on the ice at once but there can be no mixing of groups at all.

  • An adult is classed as anyone 18 years old and above.

  • If adults and under 18s are in a mixed team, the adults must form a separate group no larger than six and not mix with any other groups.

  • Adult Synchro teams must now train in groups of 6 (Please remember to include the coach within your calculations i.e. if you are coaching 2 groups of 6, 5 skaters would make one training group and 6 would make another).

  • Each group of 6 can have a maximum of 15 minutes contact training per training session, between the singular group.

  • Contact between Ice Dance and Pairs skaters is allowed but partners should remain the same.

  • Short Track adult skaters are limited to the group of six rule at present and should maintain social distancing measures. This must be observed before and after races, with no more than six allowed to race at once.

  • Please ensure Risk Assessments are up to date to incorporate the new guidelines.

We must reiterate that these measures do not affect skaters under 18. You should refer to previous Return to Training documents – available here – for more details if required.

This is the latest advice we have available but continue to work to clarify further points with the Department for Media, Culture & Sport.


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