The British Ice Skating Academy of Dance will provide an opportunity for skaters to thrive. It will aim to become the new home of Ice Dance in the UK, creating opportunities for both the very best Ice Dancers as well as those progressing through the discipline.

The Academy will be led British Ice Skating in association with Torvill and Dean, Mark Hanretty and a range of BIS coaches supported by Sheffield City Trust. It will give skaters the opportunity to develop the skills and characteristics required to be a World and Olympic Champions.

Both skaters and their coaches will learn about themselves as competitors and people.

Solo Dance Camps

While Ice Dance couples will be invited to attend the Academy, all basic novice (and higher) solo ice dancers will be able to apply for a place on Solo Ice Dance camps. These regular camps will provide an opportunity for any skaters to spend valuable time with a team of coaches, working both on and off the ice. 

These inclusive camps will offer a route into the Academy, with entry criteria to join a camp set to be extended in the future.

BIS Academy of Dance