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Why Ice Skate? Prize Competition

Has anyone ever asked you “Why do you ice skate?”

What would your answer be?

We want to know!

The British Figure Skating Championships and World Ice Skating Day are just around the corner – to celebrate, we’re launching our #WhyIceSkate competition to share the joys of ice skating loudly and proudly!

Enter as a club or as an individual by sending a quick video answering the question ‘Why Ice Skate?’ and not only can you help inspire and encourage more people to try skating, but you could win tickets to the British Figure Skating Championships as well! Find all the competition details below – if you’ve got any questions, just get in touch with us at

Club Challenge

Create a video promoting your club and encouraging new people to try ice skating, answering the question ‘Why Ice Skate?’

The three videos with highest social media engagement will be announced on 19th November, with prizes allocated as follows:

  • First place: 15 British Championships Tickets

  • Second place: 10 British Championship Tickets

  • Third place: 5 British Championship Tickets

Winners will be able to choose which day of the competition their tickets are for.

Individual Skater Challenge

Create a video answering the question ‘Why Ice Skate?’ which highlights what ice skating brings/adds to your life.

We encourage ANY level of skater to enter – whether you head to a rink occasionally just for fun or train every day, your experience matters!

  • Videos should be max 20 seconds long.

  • Open to all UK residents and UK nationals living abroad. A BIS membership is not needed to enter.

Videos will be posted to BIS social media as they are received. Our British Ice Skating Ambassadors will review all entries received by 15th November and choose winners based on:

  • Likelihood to inspire people who don’t skate regularly (top tip: avoid or explain technical terms that non-ice skaters might not understand!)

  • How well the video captures your personality/lived experiences.

  • Overall viewing enjoyment level!

The three winning videos will be announced on 16th November, with all three winners receiving 2 x British Championships tickets. Winners will be able to choose which day of the competition their tickets are for. Please note: dependent on number of entries, additional winners may also be chosen!

Good luck!


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