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Technical Advisory Committees Make Progress on Revised Test Structure

The British Ice Skating Technical Advisory Committees met in May and June to develop proposals to modernise the Figure Skating National Test structure in the UK.

Bringing together so many of the elected and appointed experts in the various fields of ice skating was an excellent opportunity to get the full spectrum of opinions and influences as to how we could improve the processes and pathway for skaters.

Following the initial discussion in May, proposals were condensed to key areas, the opinions on which were then sought from all Coaches, Judges and Technical Officials by way of survey.

Following the submission of these answers, the TAC group was able to advance the ideas and are currently in the process of going into detail about what content will need to change and how these plans will be delivered.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this - British Ice Skating is delighted to see these TACs in operation and working together to improve skating in the UK!


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