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Synchro technical data and competition entry requirements published

All UK teams will be required to compete at either of the following events in order to qualify for the Britannia Cup (British Championships) that will take place on the 14th-16th January 2023:

1. London Synchro Open – Alexandra Palace, London – 14th & 15th November 2022

2. Trophy d’Ecosse – Dumfries Ice Bowl, Dumfries – 16th to 18th December 2022

All teams who wish to compete internationally must meet the criteria below:

1. Compete at one of the above events to attain a score OR request a screening with the BIS office*

*This is only acceptable in the case that the closing date for the International event is before one of these events

2. ISU Senior & ISU Junior Teams must have scored a minimum of the development squad score to compete at any ISU Challenger Series events

3. All skaters must have valid BIS memberships at the time of entry to any event

4. A list of skaters must be sent to the BIS office for approval prior to sending entry forms to the International Event organiser.

All teams that wish to compete in the ISU Senior or ISU Junior category at Britannia Cup must have achieved the Short and Free Development scores criteria listed on the below document.

Development and Performance Scores

To achieve the development or performance scores, the competition attended must meet the following requirements:

1. BIS permitted and approved Open competitions, Qualifiers and Championships using the current Generic Criteria, some restrictions on rink sizes below 56 m x 26 m will apply,

2. A minimum panel of 5 Judges and where the majority of both the Technical and Judging panel are of the relevant level from the BIS / ISU Officials List.

The Teams must meet the following requirements:

1. Must hold the required skills tests on the entry closing date of any event

2. Must be valid members of BIS

3. Must meet the correct age criteria, as set out on the BIS Synchro Criteria 2022/23

BIS squad requirements and scores for 2022/23 can be found on the following document.

BIS International Squad_Competition Entry Requirements Season 22-23
Download PDF • 242KB

The SyS technical data for the 2022/23 season can be found below.

SyS Technical Data for 2022-23 Season
Download PDF • 183KB


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