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Junior Performance Squad Shine in Linz

Last week’s Junior Grand Prix in Linz showcased some of the exceptional young talent of our Junior Performance Squad, building anticipation for the rest of the 23/24 season and beyond.

With British Ice Skating represented across all four competition categories (junior men, women, pairs and ice dance), our athletes secured impressive results with some stunning performances and a number of personal bests.

Competing were:

Women – Alexa Severn

Men – Edward Appleby

Pairs – Lucy Hay and Kyle McLeod

Ice Dance - Ashlie Slatter and Atl Ongay-Perez

Edward Appleby

Short Programme – 5th (66.16)

Free Skate – 7th (120.03)

Final standing: 6th (186.19)

Watch Ed's performances ->


Alexa Severn

Short Programme: 23rd (37.45)

Free Skate: 24th (64.77)

Final standing: 23rd (102.22)

Watch Alexa's performances->


Lucy Hay and Kyle McLeod

Short Programme: 5th (39.99)

Free Skate: 5th (69.10)

Final standing: 5th (109.09)

Not only did Lucy and Kyle secure a top 5 finish overall and in both individual segments, but they also achieved a PB in their short programme!

Watch their performances ->


Ashlie Slatter and Atl Ongay-Perez

Rhythm Dance: 4th (55.11)

Free Dance: 4th (84.89)

Final standing: 4th (140.00)

Securing personal bests in both their rhythm dance and free dance segments, Ashlie and Atl danced into 4th place overall. Watch their performances ->


Upcoming Events:

Junior Grand Prix Turkey

6-9 September

Women: Arabella Sear Watkins

Men: Arin Yorke

Challenger Series - Italy

8-10 September

Pairs: Anastasia Vaipan-Law and Luke Digby

Junior Grand Prix Japan

13-16 September

Men: Tao McCrae

Dance: Sophia Bushell and Anthony Haddad

Challenger – Montreal Canada

14-16 September

Pairs: Anastasia Vaipan-Law and Luke Digby


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