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John Hayward Athlete Support Fund

John Hayward was a lively, exuberant youngster - always full of fun and laughter - and when he discovered

ice-skating, the sheer joy of performing and entertaining on skates became the focus of his life.

His family supported and encouraged him as he worked hard, not just on the ice but, once he became old enough, in various jobs to help pay for extra training, extra practice time and additional equipment such as stilts (yes, stilts - he used them in an on ice gala performance!)

He may not have had the television appearances of a Curry, Cousins, or Torvill & Dean but he sure knew how to entertain the crowd! This exceptional talent eventually gave him the chance to travel far and wide performing with “Holiday on Ice” - the spectacular show bringing colour and excitement into the lives of so many people in so many different countries around the world.

Sadly, shortly after celebrating his 30th birthday, the family were devastated to learn of his untimely death in France. The words that sprang to mind for all who knew and worked with him were ‘what a waste. A waste of talent - and of a vibrant young life.’ It was John’s zest for life, love of performing and dedication to his skating that prompted the family to set up a Fund in his name, to help aspiring skaters fulfill their dreams.

In the first funding cycle, there are 6 individual awards to be presented to skaters; criteria and more details can be found below.

British Ice Skating would like to express their gratitude to the Hayward family for sharing John's memory with us, and for the difference the awards will make to the skaters who receive them.


John Hayward Athlete Support Fund

British Ice Skating are hosting an athlete support fund thanks to a donation made by The John Hayward Memorial Challenge. The fund has been set up ‘to support upcoming skaters to reach their potential within figure skating and help reduce financial barriers associated with competitive skating.’

Thanks to the John Hayward Memorial Challenge Charity, this funding will be made available via British Ice Skating for a minimum of 3 years.

About the John Hayward Memorial Challenge

The charity’s sole aim is to support a child's willingness to learn a recreation activity when there are no funds available. The charity is established using the name of John Hayward, a young man who had a true passion for ice skating. John’s struggle to become a world class ice performer was supported by hard work and love and, like for so many, it wasn’t easy. The Trust's aim is not to make learning easy, but to provide the access to the necessary skills and equipment when they don't exist in your local area.

Available Funding

Thanks to the John Hayward Memorial Challenge, 6 x £500 awards will be made to selected athletes to support their competitive skating. These funds are to be spent within 12 months of the funds being awarded. The funds must be spent on:

  • Equipment

  • Training camps

  • Competition entries

  • Additional learning opportunities

  • Travel expenses


Eligibility Criteria

Athletes applying for the fund must meet the eligibility criteria below:

  • Age between 7 - 14 years of sporting age.

  • Minimum Skating level:

    • 7-8 years old (sporting age): BIS level 1 skills

    • 9-11 years old (sporting age): BIS level 3 skills

    • 12–14 years old (sporting age): BIS level 5 skills

  • Must be in full-time education (a requirement of the charity)

  • A valid BIS Member.

  •  Not serving any suspensions relating to Anti-Doping or disciplinary offences.


Application and Selection

Applications will open on 1st January 2024 and close on 4th February 2024.

To apply, the application form must be fully completed and sent to by 5pm 4th February 2024:

Applications not fully completed or received after the deadline will not be considered for funding. However, this does not mean that you cannot reapply for the next funding cycle.

The Selection Panel will be made up of representatives of British Ice Skating across all disciplines and will be announced before the close of applications. Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • The need for financial support to continue training and competitive opportunities.

  • Results and progression through British Ice Skating pathways and Club competitions.

With the possibility of an online interview with members of the selection panel for shortlisted candidates


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