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Gold for Fear/Gibson at Nebelhorn Trophy

In an exciting week for British skating, Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson took ice dance gold for the second year running at the Nebelhorn Trophy, while our junior skaters hit personal bests across the board at the Junior Grand Prix in Budapest!

Full details and results below:

ISU Challenger Series: Nebelhorn Trophy 2023 Oberstdorf Germany

Lilah Fear & Lewis Gibson

Having achieved Ice Dance Gold at the Nebelhorn Trophy last season, Lilah and Lewis returned to the Oberstdorf ice last week. Ranking first in both their rhythm and free programmes they successfully defended their Nebelhorn title, returning to the podium top spot for the second year in a row.

Rhythm Dance: 82.42

Free Dance: 125.42

Total Score: 207.84

“We are so thrilled with our first international here in Oberstdorf. We have such fond memories from this event so it is always an honour to perform here and to create more memories. We are very proud of both performances and are excited to build upon them as we step into what’s next!”
Lilah Fear & Lewis Gibson

Lydia Smart and Harry Mattick

Pairs skaters Harry and Lydia made their first appearance since their debut at the World Championships in March, securing 14th place overall.

Short Programme: 46.68

Free Skate: 66.98

Total Score: 113.66

ISU Junior Grand Prix: Budapest 2023


Ashlie Slatter & Atl Ongay-Perez

With a stunning first-place finish in the free dance, and personal bests across both their programmes, Ashlie and Atl achieved a fantastic 4th place finish.

Short Programme: 55.75

Free Dance: 87.94

Total Score: 144.69

Neamh Davison & Shailesh Caller

At their first JGP of the season, Pairs skaters Neamh and Shailesh achieved personal bests in both their programmes, securing an 11th place finish.

Short Programme: 35.13

Free Skate: 63.33

Total Score: 98.46


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