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Coronavirus - Updated guidance for England only

Following the recent updated coronavirus guidelines announced by the Prime Minister, British Ice Skating has been working to clarify how the new rules affect all disciplines in our sport. This update is for skaters in England only.

We are still awaiting full clarification from government and are speaking with the Department for Media, Culture & Sport and IRMA.

Until we have received further advice from DCMS we are asking all those skating to revert to the original guidance issued when Ice Rinks originally re-opened in August. This means strict social distancing must be maintained by all involved.

All documents can be found here.

This means the following:

  • No contact training should take place between Synchro teams

  • Short Track relay races should not take place unless part of the training.

  • Adult Ice Dance and pairs skaters are asked to refrain from contact elements

The situation is evolving rapidly as more guidance is released by government, so please keep across BIS channels for the latest information.

We are continuing to work to make sure as many people can stay on the ice as possible.


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