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Competitive Test Claims

To help skaters continue to progress through their test levels, BIS are now accepting Competitive Claims for Singles tests and Couples Dance tests from competitions that took place in the 2019/20 season. This includes any competition that took place after 1st July 2019 up to the point ice rinks closed in March 2020.

Please note that we unfortunately cannot accept Solo Dance claims from the Bradford competition that was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you achieved the required scores as stated in the ‘Competitive Test Scores 2019-20’ document, you may submit a competitive test claim via the online membership portal after completing the ‘BIS Test Application & Claim Form March 2021’.

Competitive Test Scores 2019-20
Download PDF • 218KB

NB: The tick box for ‘Competitive Test Claim’ should be selected on the form and it must be signed by your coach (electronic signatures are acceptable).

To submit the application online, you should go to the member’s profile, click ‘Competitive Test Awards’ and then ‘Add Competitive Test Award’, and complete the electronic form.

Please only submit the application if both the TES and TSS score requirements have been met and these were achieved at the same competition.

The required scores are based on the old test structure with numbered levels, however both old and interim test levels can be claimed this way. If you would like to claim one of the interim levels, you will need to have achieved the quoted score for the equivalent numbered level. For example, a skater wishing to claim Basic Novice Elements and Free would need to achieve the stated scores for Level 4, and to claim Intermediate Novice they would need the scores for Level 6.

If you already have a pending National Test Application that you would like to change to a competitive claim, please do not submit the claim via the membership portal, but instead email the completed form to We can then use the payment you have already made and we can ensure that the National application is appropriately withdrawn.

If you have any issues submitting the application online, or any other queries please email


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